Globally, censorship is on the rise, but Graphite aims to help creators protect their work, express themselves, and connect without fear of their creations being blocked.

A blogger in China can be jailed for simply reporting facts. In Saudi Arabia, you can be fined, jailed, and whipped for criticizing the clergy. In Malaysia, your art can land you in prison.

In United States, we take our freedom of expression for granted. While those in the States can create art that makes a statement against the government, while those in the States can write critical articles about the president, while those in the States can post factual reports without fear of reprimand, the same is not true fora growing portion of the world. To help ensure people are safe and free to create—whether those creations are rebellious, critical in nature, or innocuous—we must provide protections. We must support censorship-resistant solutions to help people stay connected, even when they are living under oppressive regimes.

Graphite is a tool for creators. Whether it’s work or personal, Graphite enables the creation, storage, and distribution of content and ideas. Writers can write poetry and share it with the world without fearing a government crackdown. Artists can upload and store their work for safe keeping, confident that strong, client-side encryption will keep that work away from prying eyes. Journalists can build strong data models in Graphite Sheets to help support their reporting without fear of censorship.

This is possible because of the combination of blockchain technology, decentralized identity, encryption, and data replication. Often, software touts one or two of those solutions. However, there is never going to be a perfect solution to digital security, privacy, and censorship. So, the more elements an application can include, the stronger the case is for censorship-resistance and privacy. This is why Graphite partners with Blockstack to help create strong, self-sovereign identities for authentication, client-side encryption where users own their encryption keys, and storage across multiple providers of the user’s choosing.

If you make anything, Graphite is for you. If you are worried about governments or other entities snooping, Graphite is for you. If you are living in fear of censorship, Graphite is for you.

It’s time to #EndCensorship. Let Graphite help.