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Today is my first day as a full-time employee in well over a year. It's a weird feeling, but I'm excited, so let me trace the path here and explain why I'm joining Pinata as a Fullstack Engineer.

In April of 2019 I said goodbye to the stability of full-time employment to put all my effort into Graphite—a project I had started two years prior. Unfortunately, Graphite almost immediately fizzled. I didn't officially shut Graphite down until a few months ago. After Graphite began to fizzle, a new opportunity presented itself and I co-founded SimpleID. SimpleID found enough traction to be accepted into the Consensys accelerator, Tachyon.

Then COVID hit.

SimpleID was struggling to raise its seed round and I felt it best to free up capital for my other co-founders by stepping away. When I made that decision, I knew I wasn't going to jump straight back into regular employment, so I began contracting. During that process, I started contracting for Pinata, among other companies. Soon, I found myself enjoying it so much that I was contracting exclusively for Pinata with the goal of transitioning to full-time employment.

And that's where we're at today. I can finally announce my official position with Pinata.

Why Pinata

I've known Matt and Kyle, the founders, for a few years now. In fact, Pinata provided the infrastructure to power some of Graphite's more cutting-edge experiments. I've been a big fan of IPFS since I first heard about it, and Pinata's name has grown synonymous with IPFS. If you think pinning, you think Pinata.

When Matt heard I was contracting, he talked to me about working together. This coincided with Filecoin's ramp up toward its mainnet launch. I was fortunate to work on the core Pinata product while building brand new functionality on a brand new technology.

The future for Pinata is incredibly bright. It's led by two smart people, has the respect of an entire industry, and has proven itself patient and calculating—two traits I favor in a company.

I'm excited for what the future holds, and if you're interested in building on top of IPFS or Filecoin, I'd love to help you. Reach out on twitter or via email