Find the people you want to work with and the place you want to be

Most people have been there. You get your first job. It sucks. You get another, make a little more money. Maybe you’ve finished school at this point, so you jump to another job that requires a college degree. Still, you’re just working because you have to. Actually, you’re working for a paycheck. You’re begging for the weekend.

But what if you worked for the sake of work? What if you worked because what you were doing was important and helped others do important things? Sure, you say, but those jobs are rare. I’m comfortable, you say. But you’re not. You’re uncomfortable in your decision to settle.

Don’t settle.

Fight against The Way It Is. Others don’t get to tell you how something is. That’s for you to decide. If you want to.

It took me a long time to want to decide. I had settled into settling for years. Driven by what I’d been told in high school, what my parents had told me: Work is work. Accept that and make the best of it. But that’s an antiquated notion. It is possible to do work that matters, enjoy the benefits that come with working for a great company, and feel good about the job and yourself at the end of the day. But you might have to brace yourself. It doesn’t come easy.

I joined Learning Machine a little over a year ago. But I didn’t just Google job openings and suddenly find the role I would eventually land in. I found the people first. I found Dan Hughes, our COO. I found Chris Jagers, our CEO. I found the developers and designers and operations folks who made the company tick. And with that discovery, I found the culture of Learning Machine.

See, I found all this before ever finding a job. I had made the decision, after working in a traditional corporate structure for far too long, that I did not believe The Way It Is actually is the way it is. I started to believe that I could decide how it should be, and that I could find the company that would match that belief. It took time and patience and dedication. But I found that company. And there are others out there.

As someone who works for a living, you are valuable. You hold the keys to your future. But you’ve been told that you’re replaceable. You’ve been told that you should just be thankful you have a job when so many others don’t. You’ve been told a lot of bullshit, and it’s time to stop settling.

If you want to find the right place, start thinking differently. Start building things. Start doing things. Create something for yourself. What you create will speak for you and opportunity will follow. As you create and learn and continue to build yourself, look. Look for the people and the culture that’s right for you. You can find the right place because the right place is out there. It’s simply buried under piles and piles of The Way It Is.

If you’ve done your research on Learning Machine, and we look like the place for you, we’d love to help you stop settling.