As part of my MFA program in Creative Writing, I have to work on a final thesis. This thesis is to be a collection of short stories or a novel manuscript. I spent most of this semester working on a novel for that thesis, but Donald Trump destroyed that. It’s not all bad, though. Donald also happened to help me write my next attempt at a novel which I will submit for my thesis at the end of the program.

Let me explain.

Last fall, presidential candidate and all-around great human being, Donald Trump, suggested the deportation of all undocumented Mexican immigrants as well as the deportation of many documented immigrants. Oh, and he doesn’t want Mexican-Americans born in the United States to be allowed to stay.

This, as one would hope, led to condemnation from many outlets. But it also led to the resurfacing of the United States’ checkered history in this department. An article by NPR specifically caught my attention. Since the deportation efforts of Mexican-Americans and illegal entrants during the Great Depression happened, largely, in the southwest, I was curious about my home state’s participation. So, I began researching Arizona in the 1930s.

Through the course of this research, I jumped from repatriation to the remnants of hostile Apaches living in the Dragoon Mountains. I went from Prohibition failings to the impact of influenza. I went from tuberculosis sanitariums to lingering fears of the Border Wars.

Put simply: Arizona, and the whole southwest, was fucking fascinating during the first three decades of the 20th century. So fascinating, in fact, that characters began to develop in my mind. And these characters started living lives in my head. Before I knew it, I was writing.

And I had stopped writing my other novel.

This turned out to be a great thing. This new manuscript is moving along with far less friction than the last one. It feels right where the other felt forced. Isn’t it interesting how a story develops? So, I guess I should be thanking old Donnie.

But no, Donald Trump can fuck off.

via Justin Hunter