Don’t climb the wall, go right the fuck through it

This is a quick post, but it’s an important one for all writers. Every writer I know — myself included, because I know myself pretty damn well (hopefully) — hits a funk with their writing. Sometimes, these funks come weekly. For you, it might be daily or monthly or some other random range of time. But they come and they suck.

When you hit a writing funk, you simply do not want to write. And as a writer, that’s a shitty feeling. But it’s a normal feeling. This is where I remind you that writing is fucking work. No matter how anyone else might characterize the process, writing is not a magical pleasure bath full of lavender-scented bubbles and elves toasting champagne with you (yes, that’s the same elf that previously stole your last Sam Adams, get over it).

I’ve been in this funk for the last week or so. I’m writing my second manuscript (technically my third, but fuck that first one — it was terrible), and I’ve hit a wall. I’ve lost a bit of my motivation even though I’ve got about 25% of the story left to tell. Again, this is normal. This happens. Go read about it. Prior to this wall, I had been flying through this novel, vomiting words all over the place. Now, every word is hell. Each sentence feels like it takes an hour to write. Or…it did.

Until today.

See, now, I’m back into the groove. The story is feeling right, feeling exciting. And all it took was me continuing to write. It sounds so much easier than it really is. Continuing to write when you don’t want to is about as bad as cleaning the house when you don’t want to, changing a diaper when you don’t want to, eating that last habanero pepper when you didn’t want to eat the first one. All jokes aside, this is where a lot of writers fall off the rails. They stop writing when they don’t want to write.

Don’t do that. Don’t be a baby. Push through it. If you do, you’ll rediscover your story. You’ll enjoy writing again. This all happens quickly. For me, I went only a week in which I didn’t enjoy writing my novel. For you, it might be a little longer or a little shorter. But there is only one way to get past the funk.

Keep writing, even when you hate it.

via Justin Hunter