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From the moment Graphite launched, the biggest request we received was support for the features to help organizations transition off Google’s G-Suite. The challenge in competing with a company like Google is the breadth of their offering. As a company with less than a year behind it, it’s easy to overcommit and underdeliver. Instead, we decided to focus on providing the most used G-Suite features we found in the requests we received.

With that, today is the launch of the first iteration of Graphite Pro. If your organization uses Google or Dropbox today for collaborative work on documents, data restrictions, and data storage, you can easily make the jump to Graphite Pro today.

Manage teammates and roles simply.

With Graphite Pro, you can invite team members (even if they don’t yet have a Blockstack ID). You can set roles, update those roles at any time, and delete team members. You are in control.

Once you have a team in place, it’s easier than ever to collaborate. Last week, Graphite launched encrypted real-time collaboration. This week, with the Graphite Pro launch, we’re releasing one-click sharing to your entire team.

Whether you have two team members or two hundred, you can share with all of them in one-click.

The power of this feature is easy to overlook because of its convenience. Unlike Dropbox Paper or Google Docs where you have to enter each contact you’d like to share with, Graphite Pro allows you to share to every one of your teammates with one click. BUT, more importantly, each of those teammates gets their own encrypted copy of the document. Yet, despite it being a copy, collaboration works and feels exactly like it does when you’re collaborating on a Paper document or a Google Doc. For more info on how this works in Graphite, check out this post here.

The full Graphite Pro feature list can be found below, but this is just the beginning. If your organization cares about privacy and wants to own its data rather than letting centralized conglomerates own that data, you should try Graphite today.

  • Phone and email support
  • Team management
  • Team member roles and permissions
  • Secure authentication for entire team
  • Team audit history
  • One-click sharing to entire team
  • Integrations
  • Calendar (soon)
  • Business messaging through Stealthy