The large, centralized powers may have you believe that data portability requires storage of that data on their servers. Graphite and Stealthy have partnered to prove that is not true.

Starting today, Graphite users can enjoy real-time messaging with any of their Stealthy or Graphite contacts through a built-in Stealthy module. Stealthy, the winner of Blockstack’s P2P messaging bounty, has proven itself to be every bit as usable as the larger messaging apps but with none of the data privacy concerns.

Facebook just appeared before Congress for its handling of user data. Google has been sued over and over and over again. Slack just recently rolled out updates that allow administrators to access your private messages. And Microsoft has been known to share Skype data in the past. It’s long past time for users to own their data, operate in complete privacy, and have true data portability. This is what Graphite and Stealthy are combining to provide.

Starting today, you can take your decentralized collaboration to a whole new level. Within each Graphite document, you will be able to launch the Stealthy module, choose a contact, and get chatting, all without ever leaving the document you were working on.

Take back control of your data today. Encryption by default, user-owned storage, and now, true data portability—Graphite and Stealthy are proving that convenience and decentralization are not only possible, they’re available now.

Read the full press release here.