I don’t have a novel out. I don’t even yet have any of my stories in print. That’s changing in January, then February, then June (but that’s beside the point). Yet, someone still wanted me to get up in front of a crowd and read a sample of my work.

And that’s pretty fucking cool.

And pretty fucking terrifying.

This past weekend, Randy Arnold put together a wonderful event at a local craft brew store in Denton called The Bearded Monk. First, let me say bravo, Randy. Beer is the perfect solution to a potentially awkward read. Seriously, though, everyone was great. Randy brought together an eclectic collection of writers, and I was humbled that he invited me to the event.

If you’re interested, I read The Dissociative Property, and I’m sure there will be photographic evidence produced at some point. But not by me. Why would I want to incriminate myself?

Anyway, the biggest takeaway from my first reading was not related to reading at all. Although I did learn how much practice it takes to make sure you don’t stutter to stumble over your words. The biggest takeaway for me was that readings are an excuse to meet awesome people with similar interests. Whether that’s the people who come to listen or the other writers there reading, meeting people with any interest in literature is a wonderful thing.

And now, hopefully, the reading I’ll be required to do in January for my MFA program won’t feel so daunting.

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