For anyone who has read this blog before, you already know my opinion on decentralized applications. They do not mean on-chain. They do not require a blockchain transaction to store each piece of app data. Decentralization means user-owned data, censorship-resistant storage, and protection against single points of failure. That being said, blockchain transactions have their place—whether it’s to send currency or to send small pieces of data to prove something happened.

Today, Graphite is excited to show off just how easy it can be to store data on a blockchain. So easy, in fact, that anyone—including people who have never heard of a blockchain—can understand the process. Before we dive into the video demonstration, a little background and a little explanation of the purpose of on-chain storage of data.

Graphite and Blockusign have teamed up to provide the next logical step in decentralized, secure productivity. Graphite offers document creation, editing, collaboration, and storage. Blockusign offers digital signature management and verification on the bitcoin blockchain. That means, a contract (or any document) signed by any number of parties no longer needs a notary public to verify signatures were provided by the people who say they provided them.

Between Graphite and Blockusign, people can cryptographically link documents and signatures, they can securely create and store files, they can verify a transaction took place, they can verify the parties involved in the transaction, and they can link that verification back to human readable names that in turn can be linked back to social attestations to prove identity. This all sounds incredibly complicated, but we have removed that complexity as demonstrated in the walkthrough below. Blockchain has its place in applications, and this is one clear use case that made sense for Graphite and Blockusign.

If you’d like to learn more about how Graphite + Blockusign can provide a level of security and convenience for your organization that hasn’t been possible before now, reach out. We’d love to connect!